My name is Skip Hansen. I am a retired radio broadcaster, restaurant manager, and photographer.  Throw in a four year stint in the Navy early on there you have it, er… me. Of course, to quote The Dude… “There are a lot of facets to this…a lot of ins, a lot of outs”. I turned 70 in January (2020) and I still don’t know what I want to be.  Accepted I supposed.  Admired would be another adjective.

Photography is one of my passions.  One which I have been shamefully remiss in practicing of late. “Bad Skip! Bad Skip! Get your ass out there and snap away”. Cooking is also one of the things I throughly enjoy doing,,,then photographing what I cook. I hope I can help to become a better cook by posting some of my favorite recipes here.

Living in Northern CA allows us to go places 365 days a year, just as long as it is not too far north or east, i.e., the ocean is just fine for now. My life, travel, and adventures are shared by my wife, Loretta, who, among other things, is the most patient and understanding person I’ve ever known. When you have wanderlust, like I do, a wife like Loretta is an essential. We have a lot of fun doing the things we do.

Anyone stopping by to read my posts, rants, recipes, et al…thanks.  I pledge (to myself) to write more in the coming year.

For now.  Cheers.

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